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Black history from a European perspective is a testimony from a tainted witness.  Negro people are too African to be American and too American to be African; this  lack of belonging has been an age-old bastardization process.  Physical identities and a sense of belonging comes from the father when the child receives his last name.  Who has more names than the Negro and what were the motives of the people giving those names?  What did God call you before you began answering to a new master?

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Formerly known as The Black Unified Nation (TBUN) we are now The Black Hebrew Nation.  This is a site dedicated to revealing the true identity of the Negro in order for him to rationalize his plight in America.  Yes we want to blatantly disassociate from the conscious black community because its multitudes of doctrines from Egyptology and African spirituality breed confusion and lawlessness.  We Negroes are the true chosen people of the Bible, and we follow one God referenced through one book because it's prophetic integrity far exceeds any ancient texts.  

We're building a library of knowledge from various standpoints consisting of but not limited to theology, history, etymology, science, genetics, etc, while synonymously validating every word with scripture. Once knowledge is gained as a result of a heightened awareness then the individual has a responsibility to him/herself & to the community.  TBHN encourages self evaluation which brings about change that'll result in the individual leading by example from a very personal yet non hypocritical standpoint.

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