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 Jay-Z New Album - 4:44
See, I despise rap music with a burning passion.  I think it's poison gift wrapped in the things that are pleasing to the ears of black people, but detrimental to the soul.  However, due to the craze surrounding Jay-Z's album among "PRO-black" associates I took some time to check it out. 
Yea, not impressed.  Most of the "game" he was dropping was common sense to me, but one thing stood out.  He mentioned how "niggas" was dying over the hood that their mammas renting (paraphrased).  Then I referenced back to my adolescent years; my dad was giving me game on the types of boys to associate and disassociate with, and in regards to "niggas" he said, "How stupid is it to claim neighborhoods that you rent at, and how stupid is it to die over something you don't even own?"  Then it dawned on me.  I wasn't impressed because I'm already decades deep into the knowledge everyone claimed Jay-Z was dropping.
 Now I know, referring to the new Jay-Z fans as bastards may be perceived as harsh but there's a method to it all.
 Earlier, I said rap music is poison that has been gift wrapped for black people, but who was the giver of that gift?  White people of course, because we all know who has always been in charge of the music industry.  And with that charge, they've perpetuated plantation politics on black people.  However, since it's gift wrapped in hot beats and glamorous music videos, black people have been duped into administering their own poison.  
 Examples of plantation politics in rap music is the modernizing of nigger to nigga then glorifying it.  The hyper-sexualization of black women.  The glorification of black on black violence which started on the plantation with the mandingo fights.  In essence, the white man used slavery to strip black people of their identity so that he could rebuild them in the image he saw fit.  Strip then replace.  Strip then replace.  Strip then replace with what is perceived to be harmless but is actually eternally (mentally and spiritually) detrimental.  They've stripped real fathers away from the black "community" then replaced them with rappers--With the outcry of justice for the innocent black men gunned down by police, black people are beginning to rebel.   So in hopes of pacifying black people they're using 4:44 to rekindle black people's child like reverence for Jay-Z by pushing his new album as if Nas and KRS1 weren't kicking knowledge while he was rapping about thug culture. 

 Your identity comes from your father, but when a father doesn't legitimately his child, most will seek an identity by way of things and people perceived to be greater than themselves.  This is what makes the bastard easily swayed and impressed.  The white elites that run the music industry understand this and they're using their house "niggers" Jay-Z and his wife, Beyonce to popularize the black awakening.  Remember the formation movement she did at the super-bowl a couple or so years ago?  It was perceived to be conscious by outside appearances, but it still pushed the plantation politics of hyper-sexualizing black women.  Afterwards, many-a-bastards hopped on-board, thinking that they were down for the cause, only to be lead right back to the plantation.  And this is what Jay-Z and his white Jew-ish handlers are doing with his 4:44 album; gift wrapping your poison in black consciousness, only to lead black males back to the plantation.

 Beyonce's Superbowl Performance | Formation Tour  Young Black Girls Aspired by Beyonce's Formation
So the next time your friend brags on Jay-Z's new album, ask them about their childhood and watch them leave daddy out of the picture, because daddy was never in the picture.

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