Negro man, Hebrew nation, established man, theblackhebrewnation, establishment, empower, men, male, male blog, blog for men
Negro man, Hebrew nation, established man, theblackhebrewnation, establishment, empower, men, male, male blog, blog for men

Who are you outside of your job?  
Who are you outside of your church?
Who are you outside of female approval?  
Who are you outside of what white people told you to be?
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There tends to be a lot of talk about alpha & beta males in the black male sector, and it got me to thinking...
Why does it just sound better to say alpha male as opposed to alpha man?  I concluded that it's due to the fact that the term, man holds its own weight and stands on its own merit to the point that it doesn't need any socially constructed accolades.
See the term, male is dependent upon socially constructed accolades because a boy is a male, a dog is a male, and a bull is also a male.  The term, male doesn't hold its own weight, and it does not stand on its own merit.  A boy is a male by gender, but a boy can NEVER be a man.  A beast is a male by gender, but a beast can NEVER be a man.
I have reason to believe that alpha male is the male equivalent to independent black woman, educated black woman, strong black woman, or whatever other Eurocentric accolades black females conjure up to make themselves feel superior to their male counterparts.
Black females deify the white man.  Just look at how they drool over white boy Jesus every Sunday morning.  They love & worship the white man, and they'll adopt any and every Eurocentric accolade to signify access to their God, their pale faced saviors.
Now on the other hand, black males deify vagina.  Most of them are mamas boys.  They drool over the black woman, chase after the black woman, and some of these brothers have even devolved into saying, "the black woman is God."  So in essence, black males have also adopted accolades to signify access to their God.  When a man proclaims to be an alpha male he is typically implying that he gains access to vagina first, right?
Have you noticed that white males don't place a great deal of value on being alphas.  They don't care about your sexual prowess superseding theirs.  They don't view your your animalistic athletics abilities as a threat, because if they did, then they wouldn't pay "niggas" millions of dollars to play sports.  They don't care about their women saying the black man has a bigger penis.  Monkeys are athletic.  Horses have sexual prowess.  They don't care about these things because as long as the black male is an animal, white males can be men.  White people have always been the most inhumane beings on earth.  But as long as the men who can succeed them aren't men, they can divorce themselves from their savage history and erect themselves as the civilizers over the civilized.  They know that as long as real men act like animals, the real animals can portray themselves as men.  Caucasoid people cannot stand on their own merit.  They're naturally and genetically recessive, so they have to point to the naturally and genetically dominant and say, LOOK AT THEM, they're savages!...this is why we are superior."  Their strength is in making you weak, black man.  Their white manhood is founded upon un-manning the black man.  This is why they lynched and castrated you during Jim Crow.  This is why their media depicts black men as either gay, comic relief, or playing second fiddle to a gang of women as depicted in the recent Black Panther movie
A gay man is a defeated man, and a defeated man is no longer a man.  The comic relief man is a clown and a boy, not deserving of respect.  And a man who is led by women is a man who is led by emotions.  These crackas know that if they ever depict a real black man, everyone will begin to scrutinize white men and ask themselves, "Is this the man who raped, enslaved, pillaged and colonized the entire earth?"  And if this is the man who did all of this, then this is not a man, this is a beast. 
See, I'm referencing the book of Isaiah chapter 14 where the Bible speaks on Lucifer.  The white man is the Lucifer the Bible speaks of, and America is his heaven.  So when America falls, Lucifer will fall from his heaven.  But that scripture also states that Lucifer has made the world as a wilderness, and what do you find in a wilderness? Beasts...beasts that operate on an alpha/beta type of culture.  Lucifer has created a wilderness for the black man.  And a common narrative in that wilderness is, "Any male who does not have uninhibited access to the bulk of the vagina is not an alpha, but a beta.  But I say this, "If a male isn't successful with the bulk of the females in this day and age it's not because he's a beta - per say - it's because he does not do well in the convention of dating.  And that male who does not do well in the convention of dating, does not do well for one reason and one reason ONLY."  CONSISTENCY.  Men who are consistent do not do well in spontaneous conventions.  Dating is a spontaneous convention because it puts the ball in the female's court.  Females have emotional highs and lows, so the dating realm has to appeal to her forever changing emotional state.  This takes the consistent male out of his element and vexes him.
A consistent man is ultimately a husband.  Those of us who were raised by fathers who were also husbands to our mothers witnessed him work the same job, eat the same food, wear the same clothes, and choose the same woman for decades at a time.  That takes consistency.  The book of proverbs tells parents to raise their children in the way that they should go, so when they are old they won't turn from it.  This means that children who are founded upon consistency may not desire it in their ignorance, but will always cling to it in their wisdom.
Now when I say husband, please understand that wedding rings do not ordain spouses.  The convention of marriage as it stands today is nothing more than tax papers to signify the merging of two corporate entities.  The male bowing down to a female in a marriage proposal signifies the male relinquishing his sovereignty to the gynocentric order of the state.
God ordains husbands.  Lucifer ordains males.  In the Bible, Adam was separated into husbandry.  This is why it was said that he could not find a mate that was suitable for him while he was naming the beasts of the field.  For instance, when you have a friend you can't trust, you call him a snake.  When someone get's jammed up and snitches on you, you call him a rat.  Naming is taming and defining, the same way a man gives his last name to his wife after he marries her.  The beasts that Adam was naming weren't animals, they were people, and among those people there were females that he could have married, but none of them were suitable for him.  This is the exact dynamic that exists today when God calls a male into manhood - the majority of the females around him become unsuitable.  He becomes a man among beasts.  He becomes a judge among criminals.  And the only way he can screw that up is if he lets a snake use a woman to convince him that the way of a savage is more fulfilling. 
So let the "alphas" keep the females.  Let the alphas keep the dates & pointless conversations.  Let the alphas keep the spontaneity & emotional ups and downs.  We're established.  We're firm.  We're above animals, and we're above alpha males because we're MEN.

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