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DISCLAIMER: I do not support the consumption of mainstream rap, rappers and most of the rap culture as it stands today.  This is purely for educational purposes.  
Kendrick Lamar had a single on his DAMN album where he stated that he wasn't black, but an Israelite.  Now, it's interesting to see that the fake Jews of Hollywood treated this particular version of the song as explicit material that can't be mass circulated.  Kendrick Lamar stating the truth of the Negro's true identity didn't butter up my position against rappers and the entire rap industry--but the industry's reaction and censorship of his claims is along the lines of how they censor positive music/musicians in general.

Christianity is a false religon but the bible can be likened to electricity.  The bad can be manifested to take a life in an electric chair while the good can be manifested to power your house because power is power.  With that being said - yes, I am a Hebrew Israelite, that is my identity and I stand by that whole heartedly.  This area of TBUN will be dedicated to dissecting & analyzing scriptures to prove to my people & people abroad whom seek this knowledge the true identity of the Hebrews of the bible; the children of Jacob were & still are black.
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The nature of this blog is a conglomeration of excerpts from my book, Identity.  If you're interested in exploring a different approach to the biblical aspect of the bible, you can order a physical copy here.


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