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Times like these help prove why Christianity is truly the devil's religion.  Praying for a city dubbed, "sin city" is almost as shameful as saying, "God bless America" knowing that America has oceans of innocent blood to pay for.  
Mark Twain profoundly said that, "Christianity is a disease, and the cure to that disease is actually reading the Bible." So, when one comes to that level of consciousness, the Christian antics of praying for rejected nations comes as no surprise.  The average Christian will say, "Love the sinner, hate the sin," but of course that statement can't be found anywhere in the Bible, because Christians don't follow the Bible.  In fact, the Biblical antidote to that statement can be found in the book of Psalm 5:5, and it says, "The boastful shall not stand before Your eyes; You hate all who do iniquity."  So, for Christians to hold fast to the statement of, "Love the sinner, hate the sin" then they would be loving what God hates, which puts them at odds with God as well.  
The average Christian's readiness to pray for America is proof that Christians love what God hates--why would God love America after all she has done to his people and to the entire earth?  You'll be committing the same act as  Samuel when he prayed for Saul after he was rejected in 1st Samuel 16:1.  God told Samuel to stop mourning for Saul because he was already rejected--so Christians can pray for sin city and America until they're blue in the face, but America's judgment has been sealed.  And to that I say, "LOL" to each and every individual invested in the preservation of this wicked and cursed nation, because even God laughs at and mocks the wicked (Psalm 37:13).

Christianity is a false religon but the bible can be likened to electricity.  The bad can be manifested to take a life in an electric chair while the good can be manifested to power your house because power is power.  With that being said - yes, I am a Hebrew Israelite, that is my identity and I stand by that whole heartedly.  This area of TBUN will be dedicated to dissecting & analyzing scriptures to prove to my people & people abroad whom seek this knowledge the true identity of the Hebrews of the bible; the children of Jacob were & still are black.
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The nature of this blog is a conglomeration of excerpts from my book, Identity.  If you're interested in exploring a different approach to the biblical aspect of the bible, you can order a physical copy here.


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