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 It's safe to assume that global warming poses a huge threat to the ruling class sense they've commissioned billionaire, soon to be trillionaire, Bill Gates to solve this so called "problem."  YES, global warming is a real thing, however, how does a hotter climate negatively affect black or people of melanin descent?  It doesn't.  In fact, melanin production is heavily activated in sunlight and heat.  Therefore, global warming isn't a black problem, it is a white problem.  

And, it's no coincidence that Bill Gates' solution to their white problem is to kill black people.  This is what he was hinting at when he suggested population control in the previous video.  He mentioned how healthcare could get that job done, but that's just a fancy way of saying vaccines and abortions.  For those of you who have read my book Identity - Lost in the Tears of Cretins, you know full well how Margaret Sanger pioneered planned parenthood as a covert operation to control the Negro population in America under the guise of affordable healthcare for lower income individuals.  In fact, planned parenthood first began as the Negro Project, and one of the first abortion clinics erected in predominantly black Harlem, N.Y in the year of 1921.  Bill Gates and his foundation (The Bill Gates Foundation) have globalized Margaret Sanger's efforts.  The Bill Gates Foundation has given millions upon millions of dollars to planned parenthood here in the United States and abroad. 
Also, in 2009 India banned and filed a lawsuit against The Gates Foundation for administering harmful vaccines to thousands of Indian girls under the guise of free healthcare.  (Read More About India Vs Bill Gates).

It's clear that Gates conveniently avoids administering his healthcare services in European countries; but global warming isn't just relegated to the fact that Caucasoid people do not fair well in high temperatures.  Global warming has Biblical and prophetic significance as well.

2nd Esdras 6:9 - "For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.”
This scripture basically states that the Israelites (Jacob's seed) are the beginning of the end.  This means the current state of the world(s) is on a timer.

Now understand that the terms, earth and world are two totally different things, especially in Biblical terms; even though earth and world are commonly used interchangeably in today's vernacular, distinctions still exist.  The earth is a singular plane or planet, but worlds are various realities that exists within the earth.  This is why the Bible often pluralizes the term, world, but never pluralizes the term, earth.  This is why there is a sea world, sports world, drug world, and so on.

Now, the Bible states that the entire earth is given into the hands of the wicked (Job 9:24). This means that wicked people will have the resources of the entire earth to construct, control, and or gain power within the various worlds or realities that exists within the earth as long as the wicked one - Satan - has dominion. His dominion in today's world is ever apparent considering all of the wars and rumors of wars, yet, the earth's most wicked people financially profit the most from all of this violence.  Altogether, if God's chosen, Jacob, is the beginning of the end of wicked ruler-ship within the earth under Satan's dominion, then the earth shall give signs in association with the end of something in order to signify the beginning of God's ruler-ship.  

Think about that timer I mentioned earlier...imagine a timer with its hand going in a circular motion as it winds down.  That circular motion is the earth's natural cycles.  The sun rises, sets, and then returns to its former place.  The moon cycles back and forth.  The winds come, go, and then return again.  As I've incessantly stated in my recent works..the earth is feminine with cycles and periods just as the woman's menstrual cycle.  The sun's cycle lasts for a period, dies during the sunset, and then returns anew in the morning.  A woman's womb begins it's cycle by awaiting insemination, dies by bleeding for a period, and then returns anew. 
Now with these correlations in mind, what happens when a woman nears the end of her womb's cycles?  Menopause.  Therefore, global warming is the earth having hot flashes. 
Also, a woman's cycle's become irregular as she nears the end of her cycles.  This corresponds to Christ's testament of the end of the world.  He stated that there would be earthquakes in divers places (Luke 21:11).  Earthquakes in divers places mean that the earth's elements will come in unpredictable multitudes.  The same way a woman's emotions are generally the most chaotic during her menstruation period, yet fairly easy to predict, the earth's elements are chaotic, but her cycles have been predictable up until recently. There are no basements in my hometown of Houston, TX because it is a flood plane.  In California, infrastructure is built with earthquakes in mind.  In New York, heated car seats are mandatory.  However, there have been hurricanes on the east coast, record high temperatures across the map, abnormal floods in Texas, wild fires in California, and more because the earth's elements are becoming unpredictable.  
Sure, the white man's geo-engineering technology has contributed to the earth's recent unpredictability, but they're only doing it in an attempt to fight God, and buy more time.

The chemtrails we see in the sky are not a mass extermination device as most conspiracy theorists would have most believe.  Chemtrails are a major part of their geo-engineering technology.  When chemtrails are released from the chemtrail jets, they begin in a tight stream like formation.  Then, as the wind blows, these chemtrails begin to blanket the sky in a type of artificial cloud covering.  The chemicals within the chemtrails are used to reflect sun-rays.  Major powers are currently working to patent and release jet fuel - for all aircrafts - with sunlight reflecting properties.

I go more in depth about geo-engineering in my recent book America - The White Man's Heaven.  Purchase it here to discover the unadulterated truth about the devils in the west.


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