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 It's safe to assume that global warming poses a huge threat to the ruling class sense they've commissioned billionaire, soon to be trillionaire, Bill Gates to solve this so called "problem."  YES, global warming is a real thing, however, how does a hotter climate negatively affect black or people of melanin descent?  It doesn't.  In fact, melanin production is heavily activated in sunlight and heat.  Therefore, global warming isn't a black problem, it is a white problem.  

And, it's no coincidence that Bill Gates' solution to their white problem is to kill black people.  This is what he was hinting at when he suggested population control in the previous video.  He mentioned how healthcare could ...



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The learning center is more than just topics regarding the true identity of the Hebrew Israelites.  Becoming conscious of the ills of race relations (especially in the Americas) is only the beginning of growth, just as the chaos that expunged us from the darkness of our mothers wombs: growth proceeded thereafter.  Once we endure and overcome the birthing pains of racial consciousness, all races can proceed to grow within whatever capacity God has called each and every one of us to grow.

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